About us


Muntha Technologies was founded by a group of motivated, educated and experienced professionals well versed in technology and engineering. Since its inception, Muntha Technologies has received recognition as an emerging leader in providing software solutions and IT staffing.

About Muntha

Muntha Technologies provides Information Technology and Website Development services. Muntha Technologies offers our clients highly skilled professional consultants, well versed in current and emerging technologies. We recruit the best and brightest to meet your consulting needs.Our expertise lies in reducing costs and improving productivity by bringing the strategic advantage of Software Outsourcing and Offshore Software Development to the doorstep of our customer in more ways than one, thereby improving reliability, speed, agility and enabling our customers to achieve sustainable differential advantage over their competition.

Our History

Muntha was founded by a group of motivated, educated and experienced professionals well versed in technology and engineering. Since its inception, Muntha has received recognition as an emerging leader in providing software solutions and IT staffing.Muntha Technologies continues to invest in new technologies, processes, and people, which can help its customers, succeed. From generating novel concepts through marusa R&D and academic alliances, to drawing on the expertise of key partners, it keeps clients operating at the very edge of technological possibility.

Our Missions

To conceptualize and realize smart and quality driven business transformation intiatives with the help of cutting-edge technologies and efficient resources.Our vision is to provide end-to-end buisness solutions that leverage quality for a dynamic environment where our client's business strategy and our technology strategy convergeAt Muntha Technologies , we realize that your business must keep pace with the speed of thought. We believe that your ideas and enterprises deserve substantial reinvention, so we address the changing needs of your business with solutions that are cost-effective, fast to deploy, highly scalable and reliable..

What our client say?

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you have done on our website. I am very pleased with the final product. I had the opportunity to work with a good website design company, but I’m so glad I selected Muntha Web Design Solutions instead. You made it a pleasure to work with you from the initial conversation of the concept of my website, through content development and page layout to the final roll out of the site. The part I enjoyed best was your professionalism and your ability to get things turned around in a timely fashion. I have been pleased to continue to use your services to monitor and tweak my website to make it indeed a valuable asset for my business.

About Team Work

Keep every task involving the team in one place. Collaborate and work with the team in real time for real results.Teamwork allows employees to take greater responsibility for decision making and also allows team members to control more of the work process. This can lead to improved morale as employees gain more authority and ownership over the projects they are working on. The extra responsibility can lead to a more rewarding work environment and lower turnover. Working on a team also gives employees a greater sense of belonging and of recognition, which helps them take more pride in their work, and their company.

Our Services

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is going to be further exciting tomorrow. Web marketing companies anticipate the turbulence and ready with an action plan to pass through their expertise to make you ahead of competition and increase your sales and brand name in the market within a limited period of time.

Web Applications

Web design is the skill of creating presentations of content (usually hypertext or hypermedia) that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web, by way of a Web browser or other Web-enabled software like Internet television clients, microblogging clients and RSS readers.

Mobile Applications

Today's world is all about mobility. This call for instant access to information which has changed the way companies do business, respond to customers and grow their business. Mobile Applications has come to play a leading role in this evolution.

Domain & Webhosting

A server space can be plainly termed as a rental space consumed by your website. This is a recurring amount that is directly proportionate to the amount of space consumed by the website and is payable every year. The server also plays a very important role in the speed of your website.

CMS development

A content management system,is a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website.Muntha Technologies is a best Content Management System (CMS) development company in Hyderabad, an We good experience on CMS web development services.